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Siounis is a Montreal based company founded on a love and passion for cinematography and photography. I, Apostolis Siounis, am the co-founder of the company, along with my lifelong partner, Georgia Kefalas. My passion for filmmaking was discovered at the young age of 13 years old. Being part of a big family of 11 children, I was always the one holding the video camera and covering all our family gatherings. Funny… my first editing job was done on a small television screen with 2 vcr’s, side by side, due to my very limited budget and inexperience at the time. I slowly began freelancing for many different companies year after year and worked very hard at mastering my craft.

In 2010, I discovered the magic of the Canon 5D Mark II which introduced me to a whole new style of filmmaking. My excitement grew bigger once I realized that my wife felt a passion for photography. It was then decided that building our very own company was going to be the beginning of something great. Quickly enough, we formed a team joining together family and friends who all wanted to be a part of our company. Each one of them shares our passion and is just as hardworking and dedicated as we are to making our artistic vision a reality. Day after day, we now do what we love most, filming and editing photos and videos.

Today, I enjoy cinematography & photography more than ever. Filming with DSLR cameras has completely changed the way wedding videos are perceived. Your film has now become a short Hollywood like movie. Together with my team, we give our 100% on your special day to capture those unforgettable moments in a way that they can then be viewed in the most enjoyable and cinematic way. We believe in keeping up with the latest technology and equipment so that we are able to deliver the most innovative, current and modern products to our clientele.

From the very first moment you enter our home office is when customer satisfaction begins for us. Our client’s 100% satisfaction is our greatest achievement. We enjoy nothing more than meeting newly engaged couples and developing a long-term friendly relationship with them. We like to treat each & every event as if it were our very own. Being married ourselves, we know only too well the importance of your wedding day and so if in any way possible, we can help perfect your day, you can bet we will do our best to do just that.